25-27 Jan 2023

Accepted Papers

Long Papers

  • Electric/Electronic Platforms in the Automotive Industry: Challenges and Guidelines for Variant-Rich Systems Engineering; Lennart Holsten, Christian Frank, Jacob Krüger, Thomas Leich

  • Coverage-Driven Test Automation for Highly-Configurable Railway Systems; Domenik Eichhorn, Tobias Pett, Nils Przigoda, Jessica Kindsvater, Christoph Seidl, Ina Schaefer

  • Designing a Test Model for a Configurable System: An Exploratory Study of Preprocessor Directives and Feature Toggles; Stefan Fischer, Gabriela Karoline Michelon, Wesley K. G. Assunção, Rudolf Ramler, Alexander Egyed

  • Benchmark Generation with VEVOS: A Coverage Analysis of Evolution Scenarios in Variant-Rich Systems; Alexander Schultheiß, Paul Bittner, Sandra Greiner, Timo Kehrer

Short Papers

  • Guiding Feature Models Synthesis from User-Stories: An Exploratory Approach; Thomas Georges, Liam Rice, Marianne Huchard, Mélanie König, Clémentine Nebut, Chouki Tibermacine

  • Uniquifying Architecture Visualization through Variable 3D Model Generation; Adrian Hoff, Christoph Seidl, Michele Lanza

Variability-in-Practice Papers

  • Modularization Technique to Support Software Variability in Cyber-Physical Production Systems; Shubham Sharma, Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Antonio M. Gutierrez, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl

New and Controversial Idea Papers

  • Dynamic Product Configuration User Interface: A Vision Motivated by the Cyber-Physical Production Systems Domain; Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Kevin Feichtinger, Antonio Manuel Gutiérrez Fernández, Rick Rabiser

  • Architectural Bad Smells for Self-Adaptive Systems: Go Runtime!; Edilton Santos, Pierre-Yves Schobbens, Ivan Machado, Gilles Perrouin

VaMoS 2021 Snapshots

  • Static Analysis Techniques for Efficient Consistency Checking of Real-Time-Aware DSPL Specifications; Hendrik Göttmann, Isabelle Bacher, Nicolas Gottwald, Malte Lochau

  • On Preserving Variability Consistency in Multiple Models; Sandra Greiner, Bernhard Westfechtel

  • Stability of Product-Line Sampling in Continuous Integration; Tobias Pett, Sebastian Krieter, Tobias Runge, Thomas Thüm, Malte Lochau, Ina Schaefer

  • Applications of #SAT Solvers on Feature Models; Chico Sundermann, Michael Nieke, Paul Maximilian Bittner, Tobias Heß, Thomas Thüm, Ina Schaefer

  • A Hybrid Feature Location Technique for Re-engineering Single Systems into Software Product Lines; Gabriela Karoline Michelon, Lukas Linsbauer, Wesley K. G. Assunção, Stefan Fischer, Alexander Egyed

VaMoS 2022 Snapshots

  • Towards Multidisciplinary Delta-Oriented Variability Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems; Hafiyyan Sayyid Fadhlillah, Kevin Feichtinger, Kristof Meixner, Lisa Sonnleithner, Rick Rabiser, Alois Zoitl

  • Feature-Interaction Sampling for Scenario-based Testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems; Lukas Birkemeyer, Tobias Pett, Andreas Vogelsang, Christoph Seidl, Ina Schaefer